All of our events are open to the public. Our next event, ‘From Revival to Renaissance’ will take place online on Friday, 5 November, starting at 4pm UK time and running until 5.30pm. We will post a sign-up link on this page closer to the time. If you would like us to let you know when registration for the event is open please let us know via our contact form.

The exact date for all other events will be confirmed in due course. We hope that some of these events will be able to take place in person. Please keep an eye on this page for updates, or let us know if you would like us to keep you informed about future events.

Links to recordings of talks and webinars will be posted on this page as they become available.

10 August 2021: Seminar 1. ‘What is Revival?’ (Online)

In this event, our panelists discussed what revival means generally in cultural terms and specifically in a Scottish context. Our panelists proposed definitions, examined the importance of manifestos, and analysed the cultural, historical and social ‘causes’ of revival. 

  • Alex Thomson – intellectual contexts of revival/renaissance 
  • Corey Gibson – folk revival and its relation to renaissance 
  • Charlotte Lauder – magazines promoting revival/renaissance  
  • Michelle Foot – spiritualism in Celtic Revival art

Our panelists all recorded talks before the seminar. You can see the talks here, along with a recording of the seminar itself (once a video is playing, use the forward and back buttons either side of the play/pause button to move between the talks):

5 November 2021: Seminar 2. ‘From Revival to Renaissance’ (Online) 

These discussions will chart the links between the late-Victorian period of the Celtic Revival and the Modernism (or otherwise) of the subsequent Scottish Renaissance period. 

  • Juliet Shields – uncanonical Scottish female writers and revival  
  • Glenda Norquay – Robert Louis Stevenson and revival; RLS in the renaissance  
  • Andrew Nash – publishing revival and renaissance  
  • Arianna Introna – from Victorian imperial fiction to the imperial connections of Violet Jacob’s renaissance

February–March 2022: Seminar 3. ‘The Scottish Revival and the Canon’  (Online)

This will address how the Scottish literary and critical canon has placed the Scottish Revival, the role (both positive and negative) played by the Scottish Revival in canon formation, and who might still be absent from that canon, especially women writers and Gaelic writers. 

  • David Goldie – popular fiction/culture and its place in/out of revival/renaissance  
  • Petra Poncarová – Gaelic revival, its contexts and connections 
  • Scott Lyall – how contemporary Scottish criticism reads revival/renaissance 
  • Helena Duncan – Scottish female renaissance writers and (semi)rural community as problematising revival

May–June 2022: Public Event 1. ‘Patrick Geddes’s Revival, the Renaissance’s Patrick Geddes’ (Patrick Geddes Centre, Edinburgh, or Online)

This will look at the nature of the Geddesian Revival of the late 1890s as well as the influence of Patrick Geddes on the modern Scottish Renaissance. 

  • Murdo Macdonald – Geddes and renaissance  
  • Michael Shaw – Geddes and Celtic Revival  
  • Elsa Richardson – key aspects of the intellectual history of Geddes’s period  

November–December 2022: Seminar 4. ‘Global Scottish Revival’ (Online)

This seminar will look at the influences of the Scottish Revival on other cultures and revivals and explore the international influences on the Scottish Revival.  

  • Sascha Bru – global avant-gardes and their position on ‘revival’  
  • Richard Alan Barlow – Ireland in the Scottish revival, and Scotland in the Irish revival  
  • Carla Sassi – the European dimension of and influences on revival/renaissance 
  • Jim Benstead – MacDiarmid’s sources as part of his project for a world literature in In Memoriam James Joyce 

February–March 2023: Public Event 2. ‘The Revival and the National Movement’ (National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, or Online) 

This final event looks at the intersections between the Scottish Revival as a cultural movement and the national movement in politics. 

  • Alan Riach – context and links between revival/renaissance and politics  
  • Paul Malgrati – Robert Burns as a national figure in revival/renaissance  
  • Frances Fowle – myth-making and Scottish identity in Scottish revivalist art